4 thoughts on “Addicted to Shopping for Baby Clothes

  1. I know a thing or two about car seats, too. Just remember that the safest seat is the one that fits your car and your child correctly, and is used properly (according to the manual) every time. There are really great ones that fit regular people budgets, so don’t feel like paying more is going to make your child safer. They all pass the same tests to be sold legally. A lot of people feel like they have to fork over a ton of cash to ensure they are doing what is best, but it is actually totally okay, and equally as safe to buy a bargain car seat! 🙂 Just don’t buy a car seat at a resale store…you don’t know the history and it might not be safe! Happy bargain hunting!

  2. You just need to be trained in the ways of Gymboree!!! I am so addicted to shopping. It is one of my favorite hobbies, I get a rush…a high off of the challenge, the thrill of the hunt! Not to brag, but I am pretty amazing at it. Haha. I take photos of nearly everything I buy, and post them on the internet with the original prices, what I paid, the percentage I saved, and the average price per item. This is a blog I posted on the subject a few years ago…and my skills have only gotten better since then! Read and heed, friend! http://happyteamhayes.blogspot.com/2011/07/gymbucks-math-47180-75.html

    1. YES! that is the other reason I love looking at the clothes, to try and find the best deal haha!

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