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Another Poop Story

Something else I have learned as a parent, you are going to get dirty.  If you were a clean freak before the baby, brace … [Read More...]

Picture: © Nick Anzalone-nickanz71.wix.com/nix-pix-1971

Superhero Play in the Early Childhood Classroom: Issues in Banning Play from the Classroom

Superhero play has received a great deal of attention from parents and educators in the recent past. Teachers of young … [Read More...]


The Importance of Storytime

“Once upon a time there was a princess named Amy. She lived at the beach near Bob...” I listened as my youngest … [Read More...]

PHOTO SOURCE: (c) .shock - Fotolia.com

Is Your Home Hurting You?

(StatePoint) The spring cleaning season is a great time to take a closer look at some of the potentially harmful … [Read More...]

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