Weeks 5 to 8

The second month of pregnancy is a time of amazing development. Your fertilized egg is now an embryo.

About your baby

Illustration of fetal development weeks 5 to 8At 5 weeks, your baby resembles a tadpole. At 6 weeks, your baby’s nose, mouth, and ears are beginning to form and the heart has started to beat (almost twice as fast as yours!). By 8 weeks, your baby is about 1 inch long.

Your baby is also starting to look human. The arms, legs, muscles, and skin are growing. And the head may seem larger than the rest of the body because your baby’s brain is developing faster than the other organs.

About you

You may soon start to notice early signs of pregnancy: exhaustion, tender breasts, nausea, and food cravings or aversions. A milky vaginal discharge is also common in your first trimester.

Feeling moody? Hormonal changes are partly to blame. You may also feel emotional about all the change that’s going on in your life.

Tips for staying healthy

  • Eat a variety of foods including those high in iron, calcium, and protein each day. It’s quality, not quantity, that counts.
  • Keep taking prenatal vitamins.
  • Exercise in moderation unless your doctor has instructed otherwise.
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day.
  • Quit smoking right away. If you smoke, your baby smokes, too.

Your to-do list

  • Schedule an appointment for your first prenatal visit. Your first visit is usually between weeks 8 and 12.
  • Good communication with your partner is more important now than ever. Share your feelings about your pregnancy and impending parenthood.
  • Plan for baby expenses by creating a budget.
  • Get plenty of rest.


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