2 thoughts on “It’s A _____ !

  1. I always enjoy seeing the sibling holding a sign, or similar. But really, I say just post a photo of the ultra sound image showing the “parts” and let people try to decipher, “Is that testicles or swollen labia?” Haha. After all, it IS the only time that it’s appropriate and acceptable to post pictures of vaginas/penises on your facebook wall.

    Seriously, though. I’d skip the food thing and the balloon thing and either go with the Bryce card or the puzzle (People really like getting stuff in the mail). Or, if you go on Etsy, there are several people who sell gender reveal scratch cards which are kind of fun.

    Either way. Congratulations!

    1. HAha that would be a fun game to guess what “parts” – thanks for your comment! – Steph

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