1 thought on “Try and Try Again

  1. During my third pregnancy I told my husband the only thing we NEEDED for the new baby was a baby bullet so I could make my own baby food. I spent several late nights watching the very convincing infomercial.

    That was two years ago. It’s still in the box.

    We moved from Honolulu to San Diego when baby #3 was 7 months old, and had exclusively breast fed up to that point. Then, we proceeded to live in hotels and friends’ spare bedrooms for three months until we finally closed on our house. In that transition period we decided to opt for baby led weaning, and our daughter just ate what we ate and fed herself. It made our lives a lot easier in that very stressful and kitchen-limited time frame.

    I am due with #4 in October. I am still not sure if we will break out the baby bullet or just do BLW again, but I will be interested in the suggestions from others should I finally attempt to make my own baby food.

    I know all of my kids have had eggs and peanut butter before their first birthdays. So far, thankfully, we have had zero allergy issues.

    We keep an epi-pen in the kitchen and in the diaper bag at all times, just in case. I would suggest having one handy when introducing new foods, because you never know!

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